Who is the Illuminati

Who is the Illuminati
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Who is the Illuminati  

Have you heard the name “the Illuminati”  +27661302905 Whatsapp or call” floating around and are unsure what it’s all about? Are you fascinated by the concept of a secret organization? Are you intrigued by conspiracies? If so, you’re not alone. Many people who answered “yes” to these questions were able to learn everything that they needed to know about the Illuminati in this post.

Have you ever asked yourself “who is the Illuminati?” If you have- and you don’t know the answer- then you’re in for quite a shock! Can you imagine a secret organization that runs the world? It controls the various governments, celebrities, media, politics, news- you name it and this organization is the one behind it all. It’s hard to imagine a single organization having enough power and influence to run the entire world, but that is what the Illuminati- supposedly- is. I saw “supposedly” because the Illuminati is such as secretive organization that no one is able to confirm much about it.

What is the great Illuminati brotherhood  

Another common question is “what is the great Illuminati brotherhood?” This question goes hand in hand with the question “who is the Illuminati?” The great Illuminati brotherhood is a name for the original Illuminati group, which began in Bavaria in the mid-18th century. The Illuminati brotherhood was originally a group of men in Bavaria who rebelled against the idea that organized religion was the source of all knowledge. These men sought enlightenment and illumination, which is why they formed their secret society.

Who does Illuminati want for president  

“Who does Illuminati want for president?” is a popular question amongst those fascinated with the Illuminati. However, because this is a secret organization, we can’t know the answer to this question. Some have speculated that former presidents have been part of- or under the control of- the Illuminati, but there is no way to prove this theory.

Who is the pastor of Illuminati  

“Who is the pastor of Illuminati?” is a less common question. When the Illuminati started in 1748, its sole purpose was to find honest truths outside of organized religion. Therefore, the Illuminati is not a religious organization, nor is it affiliated with any organized religion. This means that, not only is there no pastor of Illuminati, but having one would go against everything they stand for.

Who is the founder of Illuminati

The founder of Illuminati was a man named Adam Weishaupt from Bavaria. Weishaupt was raised Christian, as his Jewish family converted, but he was orphaned at a young age. He attended a Jesuit school and eventually became a law professor. However, he eventually came to believe that both the Bavarian monarchy and the church were prohibiting the flow of free thought. He sought another form of “illumination” for modern societies, which is why he created the Illuminati.

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